To put something like this together with limited time after the cancellation by MCM. I'm very impressed. There was a good mix of things to do and as far as indie conventions go in the UK, this is one of the bigger and better ones - Rhys Jones

What can I say? It was brilliant start to finish I know a lot of people will compare it to mcm but I don't think that's fair as this was on a different level all together (monopoly is premier league, mcm maybe middle of the table championship league?), by the fans for the fans! The layout was brilliant. as a Cosplayer it was great to have the space around all the bigger props to have photos with people. At one point me and the other power ranger cosplayers were posing for a good 20 minutes for loads of people by the tie fighter it was great. The location of the stage was great as it was central so that everyone could see what was going on, and the announcements were brilliant, always knowing what was going on! Finally the guests, what a brilliant selection of people, if only I had more money but thank you for choosing a power ranger outside of mmpr its something you don't see enough in the UK and from the ranger cosplayers there, my self included, you can see there are loads of season to choose from so I look forward to next year and hopefully getting some more to Liverpool! - Colin Richards

Superbly organised event given the time you had to organise it. Some very good sellers with some great things to buy although some were overpriced. Arcade area was a fantastic idea and great for filling in time between activities/talks etc. Guests were amazing as were the many professional cosplayers. The q&a sessions were brilliantly organised & fun. The enthusiasm & energy of the person on the stage (Laura I think!) was fantastic & kept the audience interested. - Paul Smith

I've been going to the Liverpool comicon for the last three years. For the first two years MCM handled it. and while I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 and 17 cons, and the stalls and cosplay where amazing, they were at times uncomfortably tightly packed and rather repetitive. This year, with MCM backing out I believe the event runners have genuinely put the heart back into the event. Guests where one big surprise after another and a pleasure to meet and listen too, the layout and inclusion of more models and a games section was fantastic and this year's 2018 con has been my favourite one thus far, by far. - Alex Monkhouse 

We brought a group of twelve adults with severe learning difficulties to the event; I'd been to many before but for all of them this was their first experience of a comicon; they all loved it; the displays were great, it was accessible, a wonderful atmosphere and accommodating and helpful staff, brilliant, thank you very much! - John Roberts 

Had an awesome time at LCC today. Well organised, well laid out and a fantastic atmosphere. To say this has been pulled together at short notice is more than impressive. I understand the Saturday was busier than the Sunday, but that suited us just fine. - Chris CeeCee Collins 

I really enjoyed it. Staff were very friendly and polite. Best con I’ve been to. Will definitely go again! A big thank you to the person who answered my queries through Facebook messenger and a big thank you to the staff member who was with Manu Bennett who saw that I was struggling with shyness and mentioned to him that I wanted to say hello. Really appreciated that. - Debra Fearn

For a con that was put together at short notice it was an amazing event. Really enjoyed how spacious it was. And for the people complaining about the cost of autographs and photos I advise you to look at events like walker stalker and London film and comicon to see how cheap this con really was. - Katy Young 

We had a great day today! The event was very well organised and everything went very smoothly! Great line up of guests, and we enjoyed our photo opportunities with Lou Ferrigno, Dirk Benedict and Paul McGann! It was a great atmosphere with all the various Cosplayers! Loads of photos taken of all the great characters, and with great displays and exhibitors it was a day to remember! - Ian Jones 

Absolutely amazing comic was better than the past two years with MCM. I really hope that it becomes an annual event. The guests, props and set up was incredible. There was even something for the kids to do as well which I thought was great. Well done Monopoly Events. - Steven McVeigh